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Welcome to Totfrci "Trees of the Field Recovery Centers International"


About Mary Hutchinson

My name is Mary Hutchinson, I am a pioneer and visionary. In my 25+ years of experience as a Registered Nurse in healthcare in multiple settings, a mother of 8 children, and a disciple of Jesus Christ I received and developed a vision for Trees of the Field Recovery Centers through my relationship with the Lord and Our Heavenly Father.   Through the sufferings I witnessed within the healthcare system and personal suffering of having children in addiction I know there is a better way. I view myself as an intercessor, deliverer, and spiritual prayer warrior and have prayed with and helped hundreds of people/patients in the past several years.  


Establishing Pathways for Divine Health…Promoting Destiny


Addiction is near and dear to my heart because of the years of struggle with some of my own children in addiction and have seen them come out through seeking the Lord and other measures.

Mental Illness

As human beings we are much more than our bodies.  Each one of us has a spirit, soul, heart, and body and each one of them needs to be considered for wholeness.

Cancer Program

I have seen men and women who have cried out to God regarding their health and life situations day after day with no answers except what the medical system can provide.

Empowering Seniors

I will show in this program how the retirement system is set up for disease and how the pharmaceutical companies profit from this system from the food and water we eat and drink.

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