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Establishing Pathways for Divine Health

Establishing pathways for Divine Health encompassing the body, soul, heart, and spirit.  Working with creation towards restoration of generational bloodlines, offering keys to facilitate purpose and destiny.

Focusing On
  • Faith in God

  • Addressing the problem

  • Lifestyle Change

  • Divine Destiny and Purpose

  • A New Way of Healthy Living

Through a process of

Intervention Courses developed for the Body, Heart, Soul, and Spirit

Restoration of a relationship with Our Heavenly Father

The release of a personal prophetic word to promote destiny and purpose to each clients God given kingdom assignment.

Appropriation of the finished work of the Cross of Jesus Christ

Accessing the power of the Holy Spirit

Establishing a Personal Pathway


To summarize Trees of the Field Recovery Centers International are pioneers and a nonprofit corporation, that is considered a church and offers a 21-day short stay in home program and an offsite program for those locally focusing on pathways for Divine Health for Addiction, Mental Illness, Cancer, and Empowering Seniors.  There will be three 21-day programs for each of the above areas within a fiscal year unless otherwise directed by the Holy Spirit.

The admission process will begin with the filling out of an online admissions form and initial data collection of personal history of body, heart, soul, and spirit.  Each client will be prayerfully considered in making a determination of admission to the program of which they have applied.

An interview will be conducted with each client that has been accepted into the program  and what their reason and expectation for wanting admission to the program and their perception of their health of body, soul, heart, and spirit and how they would like to see it change, and what steps are they willing to take to improve their health/life: including what the client perceives to be the greatest problem and what they would like to see changed. This interview will be done either through a Zoom meeting or a Face Time Video.

It will be made known to each client that admission to the program is based on true spiritual heart conversion to Jesus, Christ through repentance of sin and a surrendering of His Lordship of their lives and His kingdom assignment for their lives.  This includes the establishment of a relationship with Our Heavenly Father and the empowerment of His Holy Spirit.

Clients will begin at admission with a detoxification of the body from chemicals found in water, foods, health and beauty products, cleaning products, and environmental toxins, and medications as indicated.

Clients will be started on nutritional supplements, the use of essential oils, structured water which is free of fluoride and other chemicals for drinking water, bathing, and the washing of clothing, organic and gluten free diet, organic health, and beauty products, including the use of chemical free laundry detergent, and cleaning products. 

21 Day Program

The 21-day program will begin on a Saturday with the reviewing of each client’s personal pathway of Divine Health and each client will begin by taking a shower and clothing washed in chemical free organic products that will be provided as part of the program package with admission.  Depending on the condition of each client’s digestive system antioxidants will be started such as organic tea, berry smoothies, and nutritional supplements.

Each client will have an opportunity to settle into their rooms with a tour of the house. There will be a supper meal in the evening and an orientation class beginning at 7:00 pm and ending with prayer and bedtime between 10:00-11:00 pm. 

Sunday will continue with the detoxification process with meals and finishing up with personal pathways.  We will have a class on taking communion and the healing power that is ours through Jesus Christ.

The program: specific classes will begin on Monday with a structured schedule time wise covering multiple topics for the healing of body, heart, soul, and spirit.  The days will begin at 7:00 am and ending with lights out at 11:00 pm. 

On Saturdays there will be classes on teaching organic recipes with the clients who will be actively involved.  There will be a time of socialization in the evening with snacks and possible guest speakers as the Holy Spirit guides and directs.

Sundays will start with breakfast and a worship service and communion afterwards.  This will be a day of reviewing personal pathways and the progress that each client is making. 

A farewell gathering is planned on Friday the 21st day of the program in the evening with departure from the recovery center on Saturday. 

Below is a short summary as for the reason for choosing the following groups for the 21-day Program.


Addiction is near and dear to my heart because of the years of struggle with some of my own children in addiction and have seen them come out through seeking the Lord and other measures.  As a nurse I have seen others addicted to opiates due to severe pain that can be avoided with proper use of supplements, diet, prayer, and deliverance and ultimately to their God given Kingdom assignment.

Program for Mental Illness:

As human beings we are much more than our bodies.  Each one of us has a spirit, soul, heart, and body and each one of them needs to be considered for wholeness.  The current medical system treats just the body and sends patients to psychiatrist or psychologist who prescribe medications for mental illness and therapy that tries to treat the mind by mentally trying to change the thought process.  Through detoxification of harmful chemicals in the body, use of nutritional supplements and organic based products, and dealing with the spiritual root.  

Cancer Program:

I have seen men and women who have cried out to God regarding their health and life situations day after day with no answers except what the medical system can provide.  It was and is difficult to watch people considered terminally ill have no other options offered to them because the treatment that insurance companies recognize are those from medical doctors.  I have watched the brutality on the human body from chemotherapy and radiation when the food we eat is sprayed with pesticides, genetically modified, and injected with hormones, and antibiotic that are cancer causing agents.  Through detoxification of the body from harmful chemicals found in water, food, and personal and household products, use of nutritional supplements, essential oils, and targeting the root spiritual causes of cancer Pathways Ways of Divine Health are established.

Empowering Seniors:

I will show in this program how the retirement system is set up for disease and how the pharmaceutical companies profit from this system from the food and water we eat and drink and the belief system that our bodies are meant to break down.  How people look forward to their retirement years all their life and over 90% of the population 65 and older live-in poverty and spend at least 1/3 of their income paying for medications and doctors.  They live in fear, and most do not question their doctor regarding treatment or taking certain medications. It can be proven through the research I have done and documented sources that all chronic illnesses are due to a mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and the myth’s that are taught by the American Medical Association that have no research to prove them or back them up.  Also, there are many spiritual reasons at the root of illness that can only be appropriated through the finished work of the cross of Jesus Christ to bring each client into their Kingdom purpose and destiny.

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